We're on a mission to provide the highest quality product, showcasing locally inspired designs from a different perspective, while making an impact in organizations doing good. Good times, new adventures, and....

We always wanted things to help us remember the experiences, but frustrated with the same ole. Like so many, we enjoy being outdoors and love meeting people who share a common interest. Working with creative people and helping them share their work, the magic is when we can help make an impact in the community.

We constantly strive to provide a quality product that is comfortable to wear, obsessive about the details so it turns out right. We choose to work with talented local people, who care about every stitch and print produced. We stand behind our product and want you to enjoy. 

Philanthropy - working with local organizations where we can have an impact. We are always looking for great local organizations helping people learn and grow, or focused on our environment. It's much more than a hat to us, it's the possible impact that keeps us going.

Locally inspired, locally designed, locally supplied. We are StateRun. Our Philanthropy is local.

Enjoy the adventures of your state. We will always keep quality-modern-simple in everything we do.

Take it easy. -StateRun

Contact us anytime: hi@staterun.com